Regeneration of petrol injection pumps

Regeneration of petrol injection pumps for Mercedes W113, W111, W112, W188, W189, and Porsche 911

Our company has been dealing with the regeneration of injection pumps since 1984. We deal with the latest technologies and repair fuel injection systems for vintage cars. We specialize in mechanical fuel injection called MFI (Mechanical Fuel-Injection). We professionally regenerate petrol injection pumps from Bosch, Kugel Fischer and Lukas (CAV). (więcej…)

Regeneration of diesel injection pumps

Regeneration of injection pumps and injectors for antique cars, tractors and stationary engines

A bit of  history:

Since motor vehicles began to be produced, they  invented various propulsion units and the fuels used to  them . In the 1920s, diesel engines were recognized as the future in the automotive industry, and Robert Bosch hit the topic hard. In 1922, work began all over, and  in 1924 the injection pump in the truck was tested.

In 1927, Bosch launched the popular in-line injection pump. Car manufacturer Man was one of the first to use it. Despite the fact that competition for Bosch was growing, it took the market strongly, and we could find its systems in many brands known until today, such as in the more exotic ones, e.g. Deutz, Berliet, Brossel Freres, Hanomag, Henschel, Krupp, Prague , Saurer and others.

In 1936, the pump was installed in the engine of a passenger car for the first time. The first pioneers of this direction were Mercedes (Mercedes-Benz 260D) and Hanomag (1.9-liter engine – mounted on the Sturm model from 1938).


Company Hoffman

Our company has been dealing with the regeneration of injection pumps since 1984.

The Company Hoffman  exists on the  automotive market since 1984. From the beginning of its activity, the main service it is  regeneration of injection pumps and injectors. The entire period of Hoffman’s activity was and is still developed on various levels. We launch services in modern industries, but we still maintain niche and historical industries.

We have experience in the repair of injection systems for modern engines, including Common Rail. In addition, we work at the highest technological level on historic vehicles, as well as in historic rally cars (petrol injection pumps).

We repair injection pumps and injectors for antique farm tractors, trucks, as well as for old locomotives and diesel ships.

Among the heavy engines, including stationary ones, we specialize in the brands Deutz, Faun, Volvo Penta, MTU, Scania, Daf, Wola, Heschel, Hanomag, Berliet, Skoda RTO etc.

Among  our  repairs is the renovation of petrol injection pumps for Mercedes W113, W111, W112, W188, W189, W186, as well as Porsche 911, Peugeot 504, BMW 2002 and others.

Since 1994, our company has been housed in newer buildings with simultaneously running Bosch Service and regeneration of turbochargers.  In 2001 and 2006, the company again expanded workplaces  for another  buldings and rooms.

We work on modern equipment from Bosch, Magneti Marelli, Denso, Hartridge and Cimat. We examine historic injection pumps according to the manufacturer’s documentation and specifics, using and passing knowledge for the next generations.

We are professionals in our field.

Paweł Hoffman